Tips for Teens!

For all those daughters in their teen years out there:

Did you know? If you use a little less eye liner, you can actually get more than one use out of your eye liner pencil! Amazing! Saves the planet! Keeps you from looking like a raccoon or a villain from the 1960′s-era Batman show! People will actually be able to see your eyes!

Less is more, my dears. Less is more.

11 Responses to Tips for Teens!

  1. LOL! Loving it. Very true.

    (MD) Thanks for stopping in!

  2. michaelsownmom

    I will have to try and get a photo of Sister S and her raccoon eyes for you to post. You know the make-up is getting out of hand when Sister B (who is 16yo and tends to apply too much make-up) makes a comment about excessive use of eye liner. Hey, we should make some kind of hand gesture thing like they do in football (wheels on the bus). Know what I mean, Vern?

    (Hubby) That is a great idea! We carry yellow flags in our back pockets and a whistle around our necks. I’m thinking we do the face mask gesture for the “too much eye liner” foul.

  3. Ah, and this too shall pass like every other phase.

    (MD) True… I guess in the grand scheme of life a few extra bucks blown at target won’t break the bank.

  4. michaelsownmom

    I just remembered…. a few days before Halloween sister S told me she was out of black eye liner and needed more. I told her “good luck with that!” Everybody and their brothers were buying black eye liner for Halloween. So I told her she could use mine. It was new and full. Well, after a day it was worn down to a nub. Honestly she could go days without applying new eye liner and her eyes would still remain raccoon like.

    (Hubby) Her sister told a story of a friend at school who, even after a vigorous washing, still had black-lined eyes. She’d given herself a tattoo, more or less.

  5. When I came to visit a few days before Halloween, I naturally assumed Sister S was
    getting ready for same and said so.

    Lo and behold, it is a permanent thing. I did warn her to wash off the mascara since it could d amage her lashes.

    She really is quite a pretty girl and that is always fun to be.

    Sixty years ago I did not use that stuff and maybe it would have helped- hmmmmmm.
    Grandma B.

    (MD) I don’t think she comprehended your comment at the time. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

  6. My dad told me as a teen that the trick to wearing make-up is that it shouldn’t look like you’re wearing any. :) Advice I love (since most of the time I don’t have the time or inclination to wear any)

    (MD) Yup, that’s it exactly. As long as daddy can’t tell, you’re good.

  7. Thank heaven Kendall knows what she’s doing with her eyeliner pencil. Someone I know who is MUCH older that Kendall is still wearing that 60′s liner look–It may look dramatic, but it’s so unflattering on 60-year-old eyes.

    Tom, your hilarious comment on my Detention post inspired me to mention my favorite comment of the week–watch for it in my Friday Fragments :) THANKS for the chuckle.

    (MD) It’s just as important to know how to ease into the makeup thing as it is to know when to ease out of it. Growing older is best done with the grace that comes with the crown of years. Glad you liked my comment; I’d have been thoroughly outdone if NukeDad had brought his game, though.

  8. I’m laughing here because I know what of you speak. However, to both my teen girls credit, they have learned how to use eyeliner correctly. I wasn’t any help because I don’t wear any makeup. I hate the way it feels on my face. I stopped using it years ago, the day after my wedding I believe.

    I’m also laughing because I’m remembering the one and only time my girlfriend tried to apply eyeliner to my eyes. Needless to say the tears washed it away before I could leave the bathroom. Funny stuff . . . now.

    (MD) I think she’ll figure out how to do it right eventually. Sisterly intervention is already underway. Barring that, peer pressure will do the job. Or her mom will just ration it out.

  9. With Michael’s father’s half sister, it was hairspray. It got so bad that I was afraid to take a shower because there was a good chance I would stick to the floor.

    (MD) I believe I know the half sister of whom you speak. I seem to recall her fondness for the hair structure. It was the 1980′s after all. Thanks for dropping in, Dad!

  10. What a wonderful PSA! This message should be spread far and wide to help teen girls everywhere.

    (MD) I can just see the billboard: “Don’t let your kids end up like this. Please give generously.”

  11. I don’t have girls, but this CRACKED ME UP.