A Tribute

Today we bring you the biography of one of my favorite bloggers, the illustrious Weaselmomma.

She was born in upper Mesopotamia in the second century, the youngest of twenty seven children. A fighter from an early age, the brash and arrogant girl rejected the simple agrarian life to which her family was dedicated and soon left home to join the huns and learn the ways of the barbarian. Her young life was spent looting and pillaging, plundering stores of mead and ale, and terrorizing small villages.

Weaselmomma: the barbarian

She eventually grew bored with her life in Ireland, so she emigrated to Chile where she studied with ninjas, becoming adept in the arts of stealth and surprise attack.

Mad ninja skilz

This provided the skills she needed to bully her way into a full scholarship at Cambridge University, where she studied under Sir Isaac Newton. During these years she led a quiet life working as a patent clerk while developing her special theory of relativity, which she released in 1905.



For many years she spent her life in relative obscurity, publishing the occasional breakthrough paper in theoretical physics and giving graduate student lectures.

The arrival of the Beatles in America in the early 1960s was a turning point for Weaselmomma. She cut her hair, donned a purple jacket and joined the group as the “twelfth Beatle,” with fellow alumni Scotty Pippen and Marty Feldman.

We all live in a yellow submarine.

While touring with the Beatles in Nova Scotia she became intrigued with the teachings of the philosopher Socrates, and after a late summer concert she originated the Toga party, inspiring a young roadie named John Belushi.

The constant touring and partying took its toll. Weaselmomma began to yearn for something beyond herself. She felt the need to leave a lasting legacy. So at the young age of sixteen, she enrolled in Harvard Medical School. After breezing through the master and doctorate programs, she graduated to an internship at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center where she specialized in disorders of the liver related to conspicuous consumption of domestic malted beverages.

It was while attending to a special case involving an aging Gene Cernan that she became inspired to join NASA and become the first woman to walk on Krypton. Sadly, there were no planned missions to Krypton at the time, due to the high expenses of traditional Earth-bound mission launches, and the fact that it was a made-up planet that had long since exploded anyway. She used her creativity and engineering skills to design an orbital observation and mission platform, launched in 1998 as the International Space Station. Tragically, she was never able to set foot aboard her own creation.

Determined to soar through the cosmos, Weaselmomma moved to California under the name Gene Roddenberry. Forming a lasting friendship with a kindred spirit, Walt Disney, she went on to star in one of the most beloved science-fiction television programs of all time, “Star Trek Voyager,” playing the part of Captain Janeway.

Where no man has gone before

The series lasted only three episodes.

Out of a job, broke and destitute, Weaselmomma was forced to return to her homeland, where she had little else to eat but scrapple.

It was while stalking pigs in Vermont that she had the epiphany that led to her greatest achievement. Seeing the vast numbers of maple trees in the area, Weaselmomma soon began collecting the sap from the trees to make maple syrup. Her grade A+ syrup became a local legend, and kick-started her maple syrup empire. Her syrup became an international sensation, and a treasured childhood icon that lives in the hearts and memories of us all. For despite her vast and checkered past, Weaselmomma will always be remembered most fondly as the model for her syrup bottles.

So rich and buttery!

Happy Birthday, Weaselmomma! Long may you reign!

BTW, you’ve been blunked!

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10 Responses to A Tribute

  1. Bravo! Very well done!

    (MD) Thank you! This was loads of fun to do.

  2. You are awesome! The Beatles picture has me giggling non-stop. That was just plain brilliant.

    (MD) It’s amazing what you can find on the internet when you search for Weaselmomma. Bonus points if you can name all twelve of the Beatles.

  3. Boy am I glad I eventually started waxing my arms. I should mail this tribute to all of my old teachers who swore I would never amount to anything.
    This was great fun, thanks.

    (MD) It was fun for us, too! Collusion and secrecy are always high adventure. Happy Birthday!

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  5. Weasel The Barbarian-I love it! Great job, Tom. The Beatles montage has me rollin’. I’ll try to get them all. So far I have; Scotty Pippin, Marty Feldman (but you had already given them away), Charles Nelson Reilly, Don Knotts, Liam Neesen(?), The Governator, Sigmund Freud and I have no idea on the woman on the right. Let me know how I’m doing so far.

    (MD) The woman on the right is a toughie; you’d have to be a huge Elvis fan or Scooby Doo nerd to know that face. Sorry… no Liam Neeson in the photo… Think Poland instead of Ireland, and think periodic table instead of acting.

  6. Fun post. No wonder she is so interesting with that lifestory.

  7. I had high hopes for Weaselmomma and Clarence (the fifth beatle)’s album, but it just didn’t live up to expectations.

  8. OK, I think I’ve got it: I’m going with Charro (goochie, goochie, goo!) and Madame (Marie) Curie. Close? Maybe? No? Should I give it up?

    (MD) Ha, I like the Charo sound effects. No, not Charo. You’d recognize her voice immediately if you heard it, but you wouldn’t think Charo. That should be a clue to solve that mystery, no bones about it. Madame Curie is correct! She does look like Liam Neeson, though, since you brought it up…

  9. Nicole Jaffe. BOO-YAY! :)

    (MD) Jinkies! You got it! You get a Scooby snack for that.

  10. Loved the Einstein picture. (forget the arm waxing WM, what you really needed was a shave!) Great blunk!

    (MD) She does not look her age, does she? Glad you liked it!