Not long ago, I posted an update on our continuing efforts to help Michael succeed, socially and academically. You can read about that here.

I am very happy to report that after five weeks, we’ve seen a marked improvement in Michael’s behavior at school.

Before, I would get a phone call from the principal at LEAST twice a week. Now, she has no reason to call.

Before, Michael’s school day report would show one or two smiley faces out of a possible six. Now, he gets five or six.

Before, the notes that would come home would talk about how Michael cried all day or refused to do his work. Now, we get notes coming home saying that he did well at writing workshop and did his math work.

What’s really changed is his ability to control himself enough to stop his mischievous impulses and to make better choices.

I have to say, I think the Concerta is helping a lot.

A doctor or pharmacist might describe its effect on neurons and serotonin and stuff, with all clinical terminology. Meanwhile, in my mind I’m thinking:

As I’d said before, the point of medication isn’t to calm him down or turn him into a zombie.

It’s to provide just enough extra boost to his own ability to enable him to control himself. That’s all.

He’s just as random, loud, joyful, energetic, exploratory, relentless, exuberant and expressive as he’s always been.

Only now he can be all that when he wants to, and keep it contained when he needs to.

9 Responses to Progress

  1. I am so glad for Michael and you and Michael’s Mom. Life on that front has got to be easier.

    (MD) It is. It is so nice to not have that particular stress on the pile.

  2. michaelsownmom

    Concerta is a wonderful thing! It has made a dramatic difference in Michael’s life. It really breaks your heart as a parent to see your kid struggle.

    (Hubby) The extra benefits are life-long, too: improved social interactions will lead to closer friendships and increased self-confidence.

  3. As a pill phobic myself, I have to agree that this seems to be a magic solution. Hope he isn’t on them for his whole life though! He is a charming and imaginative fellow who needs to make his grandma some ART!!!
    Love you all, Gramann

    (MD) It remains to be seen how long he’ll need to be on this. With improvements in his ability to control himself, eventually it may become so ingrained that he won’t need the boost from the meds. We’re not big on pills either, but if it’s helping him get to his feet, then we’re for it.

  4. So glad to hear that Michael is doing better and that you have a break from the constant school struggle. I can relate to the feeling that the heavens have opened and are smiling down.

    It seems so miraculous that such a small thing can help so much. But, then I am sure that people felt the same about aspirin and penicillin too. :)

    (MD) It is miraculous, but wonderful. I shudder to think how life might be for him otherwise.

  5. michaelsownmom

    Michael had another great 6 smile day at school! I ran into his teacher and she told me he did his work and was well behaved. It is amazing how one little pill can make such a big difference in a kids life. The Concerta hasn’t changed him one bit. He is still the same imaginative, charming, outgoing, imp that he always has been. The only difference is he is gaining self control.

    (Hubby) I can vouch for the imp part.

  6. So glad this is working out!! Yay for all of you!

    (MD) Thank you! It’s such a relief.

  7. This is wonderful news and I’m happy for all of you! I think I can feel all of you smiling from here.

    (MD) Thanks! There are a whole lot more smiles here these days.

  8. This is great news! What a relief this must be for you and your family. I’m glad to hear it.

    (MD) It is great news. I’m usually hesitant to announce things like this because they have a way of falling apart once I let my guard down… but the change in his approach to life and his response to circumstances is so dramatic as to be almost unbelievable. I have to find new ways of rewarding him so he keeps up the progress.

  9. That is fantastic news! Praying that he keeps doing great.

    (MD) Thank you for your prayers; they are always appreciated.