Call Me Mr. Fixit.

“Honey? The refrigerator is leaking.”

“What? Where?”

“From the water dispenser.”



“It’s really bad.”

“How bad?”

“Like, a big puddle on the floor.”



“It’s going to ruin the floor.”

“That’s true.”

“Well, aren’t you going to do something about it?”

“Yeah. I’ll take care of it.”

“There, I fixed it.”


(glare from wife)

(picks up phone) “Hello, Sears home repair? Can you come out Saturday?”

edited to add: Sears came out promptly Saturday morning, and got it fixed in less than half an hour. Wow. I am impressed.

7 Responses to Call Me Mr. Fixit.

  1. That’s my boy! I taught you well.

    (MD) I’m a chip off the ol’ block.

  2. I see the fruit does not fall far from the tree!!!!!

    (MD) The cheap and lazy gene runs strong in my family.

  3. Clever idea but I can see why it didn’t fly!

    (MD) It was either that or shut down the ice maker. And I’m not having that.

  4. You’re funny. A guy can’t fix EVERYthing, right? At least you knew who to call. Nice plug for Sears, too :)

    (MD) Over the years, I have learned to know my limits. It’s just more prudent. As for Sears, the fridge is one of theirs. I’m no great Sears fanboy; they’ve let me down plenty. Just not this time.

  5. Tom, I have an icemaker problem. We were wondering if you would like to try your hand at mine. Of course with the temperature hovering in the twenties, we don’t have much use for ice right now, but they tell me that spring will come eventually.

    (MD) My new favorite solution is to call the repairman.

  6. hahahaha!

    Ingenuity! Brilliant!

  7. I always knew that you were the king of DIY! You deserve a silver duct tape award for this effort.