A Different Perspective



“Can I play with your iPod?”

“Yes, but please be careful with it.”

“I will.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I dunno, just stuff…”

3 Responses to A Different Perspective

  1. When watchers come to their senses life will never look the same – thank the Lord!!!
    I don’t think Spielberg would feel threatened but glad he had some fun.
    You, Tom, look like you are trying out for the newly vacated Andy Rooney job!!!

  2. Mack and Ruggles got totally excited when they heard Michael’s voice! I’ve missed your blog and hope you can make it so I can just click on to it on my internet page again.

  3. michaelsownmom

    Michael is too funny. I am sure the videos will get better as he gets older.