Calling it like it is

I do my share of cooking in our home. This is partly out of necessity, since my dear wife works odd hours and some days comes home very late, and thus it falls upon my shoulders to provide sustenance to the family. This generally means preparing some sort of meal, and serving it in some manner that involves utensils and a table, and maybe a napkin if we’re feeling fancy. It would probably not be well-received by her or the community were I to allow the children to prowl the house like feral beasts foraging for food. I’m sure my wife would not be pleased to come home to find Michael hunched in the corner chowing down on dry spaghetti noodles, only pausing to growl at her.

Truth be told I have been known to enjoy cooking now and then. I’ve developed what I believe to be a particularly good recipe for pizza sauce, and with my homemade crust can turn out a darn good pizza. I know how to cook all the basic stuff: hamburgers, steak, salmon, stir-fried vegetables, and the like. I have created a few of my own recipes as well.

For instance, many years ago when I was cooking for just myself and my two daughters, I worked out a recipe for chicken that they both loved. It basically involves a very flavorful marinade for the chicken, one that reduces down and gives it a savory taste.

My kids called it “Daddoo’s Chicken”. I liked that name and it stuck for a while.

I shared the recipe with a friend, and they gave it the more culinary name of “Pere Poulet.” I was fond of this name as well.

When I married my wife, my stepdaughter (before she turned vegetarian) discovered she liked this dish as well and dubbed it “Famous Chicken”

They really liked it (with the exception of that one time) and the names they gave it showed.

Michael was eventually introduced to my signature dish.

The verdict? He likes it too! In fact, he usually asks for seconds. What more could I ask for?

He even gave it his own new name: “Bark Chip Chicken.”

So it went from being “Famous” to resembling bark chips.

Well… at least he eats it.

3 Responses to Calling it like it is

  1. And now . . . tell us the recipe!

  2. Over and above th e recipe, how about Sister S coming up with a meal one day a week since she is now an adult?
    It would be a validation of her maturity plus a huge h elp to you in this family issue.
    She could even engage M as her sous chef in this endeavor- I happen to know she has the time for this and it would greatly add to her creds.
    A drastic measure may need to be put in place to make this workable.

    The grandma Ann

  3. Michael is so funny! How does he know what bark chips taste like? Grandma Ann has a good idea to get sister S to help out with the cooking!