Let Them Eat Sprouts

Last night, my wife made something new and extremely delicious for dinner. We take turns cooking, but because our computer had gotten zapped by a power outage recently and had to be rebuilt, I was occupied with being Mr. Computer Guy and restoring everyone’s email and iTunes and all that stuff. So it was up to her to provide the family with sustenance.

On the menu was was roasted chicken sausage over a bed of red cabbage and apple sauerkraut. A German feast to be sure, and tasty beyond description.

But what stuck in my memory was the exchange that occurred just before dinner was served. Michael asked what would be served with it.

“Mommy, are there vegetables?”

“Well, the cabbage is a vegetable,” she said.

“But what about Brussels sprouts?” he asked, hopefully.

“Not tonight; we don’t have any Brussels sprouts.”

Michael heaved a disappointed sigh. Yes, you read that correctly.

“Oh,” he said.

“But I do have cauliflower that I can roast.  Would you like that?” his mom offered.

“Yes, that would be good too,” he said.

You know you’re doing something right in the kitchen when your eight-year-old is disappointed that you’re not making Brussels sprouts.

After dinner I told my wife that she needs to cook every night. Oddly enough she was not overjoyed at my suggestion.

2 Responses to Let Them Eat Sprouts

  1. You are both such excellent cooks; it is nice that you take turns so neither of you burn out!
    I love the way Michael loves vegetables!

  2. the image of Michael pulling a carrot out of the defunct garden and trying to bite into it only to be disgusted by the dirt etc on it, is still in my memory bank.
    Also when he came down here the image of his picking a cherry tomato that was just the size of his little hand is still with me, what a thrill!!
    Thanks for the memories, Love, MOm