Tips For Teens: Loading a dishwasher

Hey, teens!

Have your parents saddled you with the awful chore of doing the dishes? Ugh! So gross. You have to touch other people’s leftovers and mess!

And why? It’s not like you made the mess, right? You usually rinse off your dishes, when you remember to bring them to the sink, assuming you can find them in your room because sometimes they get knocked under the bed or get left under a pile of clothes because you didn’t have time after school to clean up and it’s boring and anyway it’s your room!

But as I was saying… I have a great tip for you.

When your mom or dad forces you to load the dishwasher, follow this simple guideline: less is more.

Remember it!

Don’t bother loading the little stuff like silverware and glassware and plates and bowls… go for the big stuff! The larger the better! Why bother loading twenty little things, when you can load one huge thing?

Easy Load!

It’s a real time-saver.

And when your mom or dad complains that you didn’t do the dishes, show them that you did your best – you loaded it up and there was no room for more.

Good job, and so quick!

Now get back to the couch and finish off season two of “Drop Dead Diva” on Netflix. Don’t forget your bag of Flamin’ hot Cheetos.

5 Responses to Tips For Teens: Loading a dishwasher

  1. Have you been hanging out in my kitchen!?! It’s classic and so true. :)

  2. Michaelsownmommy

    ROFLMAO! That is so what happens here.

  3. Alice Kable

    That is so funny and true. I hadn’t thought of doing that when I’m here…maybe a teenager and old lady thing!

  4. To me the proper loading of dishwasher is an ARTFORM!!!
    Being able to correctly eyeball the dish to fit in a special or small spot is a challenge I truly enjoy.
    But being a single person I only do dishes once every three days and
    things work out very well with my technique.

  5. My girls loading the dishwasher was not my problem. My problem was unloading it. Some of the biggest arguments were over unloading. Thought sometimes they were going to come to blows. Unloaded it myself to save the big war. And they still have a problem with unloading it.